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HTP -Superstor has recently announced another forward step in their warranty wizard and warranty approval program

HTP’s Warranty Wizard

Wizard can be used for

  • Online Product Registration
  • Warranty Check
  • Begin a Claim
  • Check an Existing Claim

Warranty Process is as Follows


HTP must provide prior approval on any warranty claim for a finished good before it is removed


  • Provide Proof of Purchase
  • Provide the model and serial # of the failed unit and a picture of the serial #
  • Upload the required pictures

For the pictures requested this is the REQUIRED photo list:

  • The serial number tag from the side of the product (failed unit)
  • The installation from the failed unit (back a few steps from the product to show piping)
  • The failure of the unit (if there is a visible problem)or a picture or video of the failed part
  • The venting (inside and outside for gas appliances only)

There is NO picture of the replacement required

HTP Technical support team can be contacted: Via phone at 508-763-8071 or 800-323-9651, Option 2 s can be as simple as 1

 Please contact us at Jomar with any questions  on this process

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